Saturday, January 30, 2010

Emmie's First Haircut

So we were bored today because our front yard looked like this:

And our backyard looked like this:

So we decided that it was time to give Emmie her first haircut. Here's the before shot:

Enter Daddy's new robocut:

And the after shot:

That's one good lookin' baby!


Keely & Joel said...

Joel here, and for the record, I was not bored, I was excited! I wanted to go for a drive... at the very least, go for a drive, if not go camping... mmmm, winter camping...

The Smith's said...

She really is super cute! I like her fuzzy hairs! Good to see you blogging again!

Greg and Lara said...

Woah...what is this? A blog post? I'm so proud of you! She looks FABULOUS! You should go into hair styling. :)


Keely, how darling is your baby! Seriously I knew you were expecting and you have a pictures of a little one getting a time flies. Congratulations. adorable.!