Friday, December 19, 2008

Old Homes: High on Charm, Low on Comfort

So Joel and I live in a cute cape cod home that was built in the 1950's. When we moved in we thought it was the cutest place we'd ever seen (well, besides all of our neighbors houses who happen to look exactly the same). My little brother told us it looked like a house that would belong to a grandma, and he's right. It's got cozy little bedrooms with nooks and crannies everywhere, wooden floors throughout, a great fireplace and mantle, a nice back porch, and the original old cabinetry. What it doesn't have, however, is decent size closets, a living room big enough to hold a Christmas tree, and most importantly INSULATION. Insulation is very important my friends, and I know this now. Between the living room, dining room and kitchen when the weather drops below the 50's I can't keep the blasted house warm! I go downstairs for breakfast and instantly my feet hit ice once I step off the bottom step. We tried getting an area rug to make it a little cosier in the living room, but all that's done is given us a softer cold spot to put our feet on. Over Thanksgiving my mom gave me a space heater, but it's no where near strong enough to compete with my house and it makes the power go out. Joel is still in love with our house and would stay in it forever, but during the winter I curse this house every day.

On a happier note, Christmas is coming and so is all of my family! My parents and Garet are coming up from Florida, Hanna and Charles are coming down from Northern Virginia and we have a couple of other friends/family members that are going to rotate throughout the holidays. I'm so excited! And as a bonus we'll have more warm bodies in the house, which means warmer house, right? Well, one can only hope.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay warm out there!